Clean Team

The Downtown Clean Team has been cleaning and maintaining downtown since January 1996 and is credited with aiding in significantly improving the urban environment in which downtown visitors live, work, and play. The team was brought in-house as official Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) employees in 2007.

Hours | Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm
Contact | 509.624.9111 |


The distinctively dressed Clean Team in Kelly green and black uniforms enhance the unique urban experience by cleaning and maintaining downtown five days a week, totaling more than 10,000 hours a year and removing more than 6,500 garbage bags and 4,500 pieces of graffiti, in addition to snow and ice removal in the winter and planting spring through fall. The crew is trained to provide assistance for all maintenance situations.

  • The team serves the businesses and patrons of downtown with all of their common area cleaning, planting, and maintenance needs as well as being able to provide valuable hospitality services.
  • The Clean Team maintains the 80 blocks of the Business Improvement District (BID), roughly Maple to Browne, and the Railroad Viaduct to North River Drive.
  • The team serves as additional feet on the street for the entire downtown area, sustaining a visible presence in maintaining cleanliness and beautification.
  • The team provides maintenance services to all major downtown events, increasing efficiency for the City of Spokane and saving money.
  • The team is also able to provide valuable hospitality services by offering information, directions, and comfort to Spokane residents and visitors.
  • The Clean Team maneuvers primarily on foot, or in one of two Chevy Silverados branded for Downtown Spokane. The Clean Team also utilizes an electric cart for maintenance.