Parking Violations

City of Spokane lots and meters

In the City of Spokane, the owner of any vehicle with four or more unpaid parking citations in collections and having been provided proper notifications will be given a final notification and added to the Vehicle Scofflaw List, and assessed an additional $25 fee. Cars belonging to owners who do not to pay all the outstanding parking citations will be booted. The owner will be given 48 hours to pay all the tickets plus an additional $50. After 48 hours the vehicle will be towed. to recover the vehicle, all citations and collection fees must be paid in full.

Once a parking citation is written and posted on a vehicle citizens should contact the City of Spokane Municipal Court with questions or for more information. If you have a parking citation from the City, call the hotline at 509.232.8836.

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Problem vehicles

If a vehicle is parked in a loading zone or other inappropriate area for an extended period of time, complaints and enforcement requests can be addressed through the Parking Hotline at 509.232.8836. Use of the hotline allows the City to funnel complaints that come in from various groups and in various formats (email, phone, written, etc.) to one location that feeds directly into enforcement requests. Requests are logged and managed from an operations standpoint to provide service.  When calling the Hotline, select option one for parking complaints.

Private lots

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