Street Banners

Under the banner program, the BID is responsible for reviewing banner designs, installing and removing banners, coordinating rotations of banners and ensuring quality control standards throughout downtown. The BID shall not be responsible for any theft, vandalism or weather damage that occurs on downtown street banners.

Banner applicants are responsible for requesting banner space, developing a design proposal, producing banners according to the BID specifications and paying all required costs and fees.

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City Ordinance (Ord C34819 Section 2) states: Community Banners - A permit for a community banner over a public street may be issued if it: is not commercial advertising but, rather, has as its principal purpose the promotion of a civic event, public service announcement, holiday decoration, or similar community interests; has been approved by the arts commission; complies with all applicable codes; and does not, in the judgment of the street director, present a traffic hazard. Effective 1/26/12.

  •  Banners must encourage a positive image of downtown Spokane.
  •  Applicants must be, or associate with, a nonprofit organization.
  • Banners may promote Citywide special events or activities open to the public.
  • Banners may celebrate or draw attention to seasonal activities.
  • Banners may promote a public awareness campaign.

Light poles on Post Street, Wall Street, Riverside, Main Ave, and Spokane Falls Blvd. are equipped for flags. Downtown Spokane will install flags for special events under the above criteria.

As per City Ordinance, street banners may not be advertising. To assure that the banners comply with City Ordinance, the Downtown Spokane Partnership requires pre-approval of design before banners are produced.


The fee for use of city poles is $20 per pole, which covers installation and removal of new and existing banners. Applicants are responsible for all costs related to the design, production, and delivery. At the aforementioned cost, banners will be displayed for four weeks prior to the event, depending on the needs of the applicant. Additional weeks may be available for an additional fee, depending on availability. All fees must be paid in full to the Downtown Spokane Business Improvement District.

  • Placement of banners within any given zone will be under the sole discretion of the BID.
  • Requesting organizations may request to hang banners in one or more zones on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Banner location preferences are identified by the event organization; however, overlapping events may require coordination between organizations.
  • It is preferred that special event banner promotions hang for a minimum of four weeks.
  • New banner bracket locations may be selected; however, the cost for new brackets and their installation will be covered by the requesting organization.
  • Click for zone map

The BID banner contractor has the sole responsibility for installation and removal of all banners.

  1. One year (to one month) prior to event date: Application and design proposal submitted to Downtown Spokane.
  2. Two weeks following application: Downtown Spokane responds with approval/rejection or amendments to the application.
  3. Once approved, requesting organizations must pay a deposit of $100 to hold the space. Approved applications are added to the banner annual calendar by Zone.
  4. Banner design approved.
  5. Six months to one month prior to event date: Applicant produces banners according to design specifications.
  6. Six weeks prior to event date: Newly produced banners are delivered to Downtown Spokane.
  7. Five weeks prior to event: The balance of the fees are paid to Downtown Spokane.
  8. Four weeks before event: Banners installed
  9. One week following event: Banners are taken down and stored by Downtown Spokane or delivered back to Applicant based on selected preference. 

Reservations will be accepted up to one year but no less than one month in advance of the requested instillation date on a first-come, first served basis. Applicants can expect notification of approval/rejection/adjustments within 2 weeks of submittal. All applicants must submit a completed application and a nonrefundable deposit of $100 to secure the reservation. This deposit is applicable toward the total cost of installation.

Applicants must submit the design of banner at least one month prior to reservation date for approval, though it is preferred that design is submitted with the application. This requirement does not apply to applicants who have utilized the banner program in the past if the banner design has not changed. Applicants are strongly encouraged not to have banners produced prior to first approval.


Banners are intended to promote Downtown special events and not serve as an advertisement tool. Corporate sponsorship may be identified in text with a maximum size of 2 inches tall and only with the approval of the Downtown Spokane BID.

Street banners are viewed quickly or from a distance, therefore, the message needs to be conveyed rapidly. A small number of design elements, bright, contrasting colors, and large, clear typography are common elements of successful banner designs. The design of new and/or modified banners will require approval by Downtown Spokane prior to banner development.

Reoccurring event banners may not hang for more than five years (or 20 total weeks). Faded and torn banners will not be displayed and the requesting organization is responsible for re-placement. 

Large banner

Finished size of 30”x 94 ½” (see template)

Small banner (Post Street only)

Finished size of 18” x 36" (see template)

Vinyl banner material should be at least 16-18oz, higher quality and thickness of material ex-tend the life of the banner. White backgrounds are not recommended as they quickly dirty. Grommets are required on both the top and bottom of the inside of the banner to attach to the pole. Grommets should be installed through the sleeve’s multiple layers so that they do not rip out easily.

Finished flag size should be 2’ 3 ‘, attached to a 5’ pole 1” in diameter.

Production Costs

Banners range in cost from about $100-400 per banner depending on how many colors are used, the design, materials, and quality. Lower quality banners will last for a shorter term through the weather, elements, and traffic.

Production Resources

  • Screen Tek - Liberty Lake, 509-928-8322
  • DiJulio Display - West Side, 800-321-9627
  • Instant Sign Factory – Spokane, 509-456-3333
  • Cassel Promotions – Spokane, 509-747-0062
  • Designer Decal - Spokane 509-535-0267

To calculate the number of banners, add together the banners in approved Zones and add a minimum of two additional banners per Zone (for flags add an additional five).