Downtown Ambassadors

Security Ambassadors have been patrolling Downtown Spokane since May 1996 and are credited with aiding in significantly reducing crime downtown.

Hours | Monday 7am to 3pm, Tuesday-Friday 7am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm

Contact | or call 509.353.9111

Downtown Spokane Police Precinct | or call 509.622.5819


The distinctively dressed Ambassadors royal blue and black uniforms enhance the unique urban experience by walking the beat downtown six days a week, totaling more than 25,000 miles a year. The crew is trained to provide assistance for all situations - directions, street disturbances, employee escorts, and medical emergencies, just to name a few. Ambassadors’ presence Downtown, whether providing an escort, changing a flat tire, giving directions, or just listening, makes the public feel better about coming Downtown and using the many services Downtown businesses have to offer.

  • Ambassadors serve the businesses and patrons of downtown with all of their security needs and provide valuable hospitality services.
  • Ambassadors intervene on behalf of businesses when disturbances happen that affect the quality of the downtown experience. Ambassadors serve as the eyes and ears for the entire downtown area, sustaining a visible presence to inhibit or prevent street disorder.
  • Ambassadors exchange beneficial information with the Spokane Police Department and other downtown security agencies.
  • Ambassadors provide security, hospitality, and crowd control services to all major downtown events increasing Police efficiency and saving money.
  • Ambassadors provide valuable hospitality services by offering information, directions, and comfort to Spokane residents and visitors.
  •  Ambassadors patrol the 80 blocks of the Business Improvement District (BID), roughly Maple to Browne, and the Railroad Viaduct to North River Drive.
  • Ambassadors patrol primarily on foot, walking more than 25,000 miles a year, but utilize bicycles when weather permits, or for quick access to all parts of the BID, one of two Chevy Silverados branded for Downtown Spokane.
A safe downtown benefits everyone

Public safety is both a business and community issue, not just a law enforcement one. The Ambassadors program is a community service designed to sustain the competitiveness of Downtown Spokane and ensure that the environment is conducive to business activities and tourism. Ambassadors are not Police, but a unique service that provides valuable patrols, which effectively manages security issues throughout Downtown. The ability of Security Ambassadors to augment the Police frees up officers to deal with a variety of important neighborhood issues throughout the City of Spokane. The partnerships and direct communication promotes continued Community Policing efforts in the City. When such a relationship exists there is a synergistic effect that serves to upgrade the main goals of safety and goodwill.

  • Security Ambassadors lower the amount of street level disturbances therefore lowering street crime. By lowering crime, Security Ambassadors lower the cost to taxpayers by freeing up precious resources throughout our justice system.
  • Security Ambassadors also reduce nuisance calls made to the local Police department allowing the Police to concentrate on more serious issues. This is very cost effective, not only to the local taxpayers but also to the local Police as well.
  • Through collaborations with the Police they have been able to assist in apprehending suspects or repeat offenders through frequent contacts in the Downtown area.
  • The knowledge of the Security Ambassadors regarding criminal activity Downtown increases the efficiency of the Police regarding larger scale criminal behavior Downtown.
  • Studies on the “Broken Windows” theory show that the less tolerant you are with minor street crime, the lower the chance of more serious crimes.